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Kay Gordon, UK

“I was drawn to Glen's artwork, 'Self Portrait', by the colour palette and the fact that each time I look at it I see something different in it"

Ingrid Calhau, PT

"I have several of Glen's paintings, which I have bought over the years. I love the vibrant colours in his compositions and I never tire of looking at them"

Ricardo Morreira, PT

“O Glen é um pintor com uma diversidade incrível de cores, formas e texturas. ele é um dos mais talentosos artistas visuais que conheci”

About Me

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I'm a British Painter, living in Portugal for decades. I had almost given up on Art, when I met Francisco Capelo - he gave me guidance and confidence in my own talent, and I have never looked back. Now I produce original abstract paintings which are dynamic and original with a bold use of colour.


​My Painting, at this moment, has a consistent quality, my colours are rich, I use collage and other materials as well as acrylics, and the structure is as imaginative as it is unpredictable - I like to surprise myself.

I am also available to do commissions for paintings. I consult with the client, view the space for the painting, we come to a agreement on the pice (40% is paid upfront and 60% on completion and delivery of the artwork) and I keep the client updated throughout the whole process.

Contact me if you need more info or you want to buy one of my

canvases. We can also arrange a viewing either in person or by Zoom or


- Thank you so much!



Art Display
May 2018 Galeria 36, Lisbon (with Francisco Capelo)
"Life obliges me to do something, so I paint."

René Magritte

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Bicesse, 2645-319 Alcabideche, PT

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Glen Hague


Tel: (351) - 91 999 48 28

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